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June 23, 2010

“An impressive first feature from Daniel and Erika Randall Beahm.”

"Expertly shot, energetically choreographed numbers boast a lightness of touch miles away from the freneticism of Baz Luhrmann, while the tyro thesps’ unaffected performances add a note of sweetness to pic’s atmosphere of guileless simplicity.”

“Easygoing musical skillfully weaves disparate elements without missing a step.”

"An indie alternative to Glee and High School Musical."


Life Magazine
July 8, 2011

Erika Randall Beahm and Daniel Beahm arrive at the 2010 Outfest Opening Night Gala Of 'Howl' at the Orphium Theatre Orpheum Theatre on July 8, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.


July 15, 2010

"It may seem quite an impossibility, but the film Leading Ladies is, simply put, a quietly revolutionary dance musical."

"What’s perhaps even more amazing is that Leading Ladies succeeds at thwarting convention within a conventional structure while simultaneously being a whole lot of damn fun.  Lesser films would sink under such weight."

“The heart of this film beats loudly and quickly, and it leaves the viewer invigorated and deeply moved.”


Huffington Post
July 8, 2011

"Just like Gypsy Rose Lee looked in the mirror and said "Mama, I'm a pretty girl," Toni looks Sheri right in the face and says "Mama, I'm happy!" So is the audience, which witnesses Toni's lesbian Cinderella transformation while listening to Daniel Beahm's score and enjoying a witty, bitchy script."

The Palm Beach Post
April 8, 2011

"There is plenty going on in Daniel and Erika Randall Beahm’s first feature film, but they juggle it all adroitly, including a few high-energy dance turns."

"The performances are very winning, the direction is extremely assured and you have got to see the explosive 11 o’clock supermarket dance number."

Grade: A


"A  favorite of both mainstream and LGBT film festivals, Leading Ladies is a good old-fashioned romance, complete with an overbearing stage mother (Melanie LaPatin) and a sassy gay best friend, whose high kick puts the girls to shame (Benji Schwimmer). "

"A heartfelt lesbian love story that appeals to all who enjoy appreciate a compelling tango, Leading Ladies purposefully plays with a wink and a nudge to iconic dance films that came before it, turning the notion of gender and of “dancing backwards in heels” on it’s head. But then, Beahm, erudite in her film history, terpsichorean, and bisexual, appears to be the perfect person to execute a dance film for the 21st century that embraces old-fashioned dance standards and modern politics."


September 14, 2011
"Directors Daniel Beahm and Erika Randall Beahm throw everything they can up on the screen to make the comedy as zany as possible, and most of it works, too: the dance number set in a grocery store is priceless. The real thrill here, though, is discovering newcomers Laurel Vail and Shannon Lea Smith as the sisters who would love to dance if only their dominating stage mother (the wonderful Melanie Lapatin) didn't hover over everything they do. The first dance between Toni and her new girlfriend Mona is pure poetry. 4 Stars"

"LEADING LADIES serves up a tender lesbian coming out tale blended together with a fabulous musical comedy to create one of the most wholesome and enjoyable LGBT movies ever brought to the screen."


April 13, 2011

"The Beahm’s have incorporated a wonderful attention to detail into LEADING LADIES. The viewer’s focus is immediately engaged by the richness of color and detail in the set design, the lighting and the wardrobes. The varied styles of music pair nicely with the film’s visual mood shifts, while the stunning confidence with the camera and composition is impressive for these first-time filmmakers. LEADING LADIES is a feel good movie with a message and a joy to watch, and quite possibly one of the most endearing and sincerely uplifting movies I’ve seen in 2010 so far."



Another Queer Jewish Buddhist (Mark Horn blog)

“...the supermarket production number with a wink to Busby Berkeley is just the kind of musical theater we need more of.”

“...this elaborate fantasy break highlights the spontaneity of the Beahms’ approach elsewhere.” -VARIETY

"In the world of LGBT movies, there aren't many that attract both lesbian and gay audiences. Leading Ladies will. "


September 23, 2010


The interview with Erika and Daniel begins around 33:30.

"The supermarket extravaganza a la a Busby Berkley routine was musical comedy at its best."-The Desert Sun (Palm Springs)


January 10, 2011
(spoiler alert!)


"Most of the dance numbers occur in naturalistic settings with the dancing linked to the story and milieu. The lone exception to this, and the film’s dance highlight, is a full-blown Broadway caliber showstopper in the local grocery store."

"Leading Ladies is a lighthearted, well-intentioned, enjoyable film that will appeal to not only lesbians but gay men, and, perhaps more importantly, to mainstream filmgoers."


After Ellen
June 23, 2010



Something To Say
June 12, 2010


"Leading Ladies delivers on every level.  It is as laugh out loud funny as it is warm and touching.  It has characters that are strong, positive, and supportive of each other.   That support seems to be as much off screen as on.  The cheers from the theater and comments on their Facebook page made it evident that this movie means a lot to all involved.   I sincerely hope it gets the attention it deserves and surpasses Erika’s vision of crossing over to all audiences.  A message as simple as 'let love lead' surely needs to be heard loud and clear."

Indie Film Magazine
July 9, 2010



Modern Tonic
July 8, 2010

"...the rockabilly gay fantasia Leading Ladies trots out epic meltdowns, comedic twists and no shortage of choreographic glee..."

"...the film shines most when it cuts loose, bringing to life the emotion/eroticism of everyday moments through movement. Co-star and So You Think You Can Dance winner Benji Schwimmer’s same-sex numbers are thrilling. But its heart lies in tenderly twisting romantic comedy’s ugly duckling conventions, yielding a nostalgic swing shift that’s less Step Up and more Fred Astaire."


LA Weekly
July 8, 2010
Photo of Laurel Vail and Nicole Dionne from opening gala

“Packed with astounding dance sequences and an infectious pop soundtrack, Leading Ladies is alternately outrageous and touching, and sure to please everyone from film buffs to dance lovers to Hairspray fans.” -NEWFEST



"I spent the first 5 minutes thinking this was going to be a corny, overacted piece of crap. I spent the remaining 97 totally enchanted by an adorably campy, smart, wholly original romantic comedy/musical."



"I can’t say enough about the moment that Toni and Mona dance for the first time. As a lesbian, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Never before have I seen a more lovely and honest depiction of the innocent and beautiful attraction between two women... a moment that is so often and unfortunately depicted in film as something sordid or dark or to be hidden. Finally, a joyous depiction. I can’t imagine the positive and powerful impact that scene will have on young lesbians struggling with their situation." -REBECCA (Leading Ladies fan)



January 2011

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WICD - Urbana/Champaign, IL - ABC15
Early Morning Show During Production



"Hands down THE BEST FILM I have ever seen!!! Funny, engaging, thoughtful, smart...the list goes on and on. A must add to any queue!!!"

"I recently saw this at Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco and it was AMAZING. Great comedy with a great cast of really talented people - loved the dancing and original songs. The soundtrack is great! I hope more people take the time to watch this, has a great message and makes you laugh along the way."

"Love this film, so inspiring. It is so funny and is a feel good film. I love the fact that th dancing in the film is spectacular."

"An amazing film with amazing talent. The relationships are touching and the dancing is top notch. I would recommend this to everyone. And, if you're a "So You Think You Can Dance" fan, there's a special treat! Not to mention west coast swingers, look for a special cameo at the end!"

"Simply wonderful!!!! We saw it about a year ago and have been checking for DVD availability ever since... This is a MUST see if you didn't get a chance to see it at a festival. If you did then I am sure you are reading this now because you are like me and can't wait to see it again!!!"

"Gorgeous movie! Amazing dancing! Heartfelt performances. I saw this film at a screening in NYC, and I can't wait to see it again and again. So much love and "sparkle" in this little gem of a movie. Put this in your Queue, and after you see it you'll want to put it on your Christmas list!!! A MUST SEE."

"The kind of movie that reminds you 1. How crazy family can be. 2. How much fun a movie can be. 3. How cool dance is on film... a must see of independent film."

"I saw this film at a screening and was not only thoroughly entertained, but very moved. The choreography is exceptional. Often, in a "dance film" the script will suffer because of a concentration on the dance sequences, but the dialogue is as engaging as the mambos. Its fast and sensuous! Put this in our queue!"

"I recently saw this movie at a film festival and am so excited that it is finally available! It is a sweet and heartwarming movie that reminds us that love is truly what should be leading the way in our lives. The story is beautiful, the actors are fresh and talented, the dancing is fantastic and I can't wait to get my hands on the soundtrack! I truly love this movie."

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