Mar 14 2012

Leading Ladies Official Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Leading Ladies Official Motion Picture Soundtrack is now available from CD Baby!

Leading Ladies Official Motion Picture Soundtrack

There is also a digital only “HIGHLIGHTS” version available on CD Baby and most other digital outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc.

Jun 16 2011

The Leading Ladies Official Motion Picture Soundtrack

It’s finally here!

Thanks so much for your patience.  The final Leading Ladies soundtrack has 18 tracks of musical goodness from musicians all over the planet!  Thanks also to our friends and artists who lent their music to this work.  Please support them by visiting their websites and purchasing more music!

Soundtracks are available at Leading Ladies festival screenings and also via the Leading Ladies website merchandise page.




Complete Track Listing:

  1. “Go On With the Show (Sister, Sister)” by Havilah Rand
  2. “Pasos” by Malena Muyala
  3. “Japanese Girlfriend” by Earwig
  4. “Wallflower Girl” by Havilah Rand
  5. “California (Bella Luna)” by The Randys
  6. “Everybody Loves to Be Loved” by Burgee
  7. “Me, Me, Me, Cha-Cha-Cha” The Danny Leisure Orchestra
  8. “Miss Thing” by David Berger and The Sultans of Swing
  9. “By the Bye” by Danny Leisure and The Suites
  10. “Chasin’ the Blues” by Crytzer’s Blue Rhythm Band
  11. “Kitty Kat” by The Randys featuring Dandy Jim Beam
  12. “All Night” by Havilah Rand
  13. “God Said I Could Have You” by The Old Ceremony
  14. “Don’t Parade Your Scars” by The Old Ceremony
  15. “Mercy” by Marie-Juliette Bird
  16. “You Want a Piece of Me” by John Painter featuring Shannon Lea Smith
  17. “Skyline” by Alva Leigh
  18. “How it Begins (5-6-7-8)” by DB3