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Logline: An overbearing ballroom stage mother and her two daughters must redefine their roles in life and on the dance floor as each learns to “Let Love Lead.” ™

Synopsis: The Camparis are a family of women in which everyone knows her place. Sheri is the larger-than-life, overbearing stage mom. Once a young and beautiful ballroom champion, Sheri now lives vicariously through her youngest daughter Tasi, the darling of the local amateur ballroom circuit. Sheri’s oldest daughter, Toni, is Tasi’s practice partner, the wallflower who must quietly support them all. The only consistent man in the life of the Campari women is Cedric, Tasi’s dance partner and Toni’s best friend. Find out what happens to each as they reexamine their roles in modern life and on the dance floor and learn to “Let Love Lead.” ™

Sheri Campari:  Mid-late 40’s.  Sheri was once beautiful, once successful, once in love.  Now, she is overweight and struggling to get by as she jumps from failed relationship to failed relationship claiming that she “needs no man.”  She lives vicariously through her daughters, especially focusing her energies on her youngest, Tasi, through the local amateur ballroom circuit.

Tasi (Anastasia) Campari:  Early-mid 20’s.  Sheri’s youngest daughter/Toni’s sister.  She is the family darling and star of the local amateur ballroom circuit.  Tasi can usually handle the pressures of Sheri’s overblown hopes for her while maintaining her sense of humor.  However, when Tasi faces the prospect of an unwanted pregnancy, she must learn to move from being her mother’s star to being the mother that she always wished she’d had.

Toni (Antoinette) Campari:  Early-mid 20’s.  Sheri’s oldest daughter/Tasi’s sister.  She is the quiet backbone of the family, holding them all together, standing in for Cedric (Tasi’s dance partner) when needed, keeping everyone relatively sane, but never taking any of the spotlight for herself.  Then, she meets Mona and falls unexpectedly and deeply in love.  She is a strong lead on the dance floor, but she must allow Mona to help her become the star of her own life.

Mona Saunders:  Mid 20’s.  A young, self-confident lesbian who falls deeply in love with Toni.  She has found her own way in the world and is ready for a serious, meaningful relationship.  A part of her is frightened by Toni’s insecurity, but the two of them learn the give and take of sharing the lead, one on the dance floor and the other in life.

Cedric Michaels:  Mid 20’s.  Tasi’s longtime partner on the dance floor, Cedric is the one man that has had an ever- present place in this tough family of women.  He is one of the few people who will stand up to Sheri.  He is like a brother to Tasi and Toni, chiding them, challenging them and supporting them just like family.  As a confident gay man and a strong ballroom lead, Cedric becomes an important mentor to Toni as she learns to find her way both in love and on the dance floor.