Put Leading Ladies in Your Netflix Queue!

Netflix DVD CoverClick here to add Leading Ladies to your Netflix queue.  Please also leave a five-star rating and maybe write a little review!

If you have a “streaming only” account, you probably won’t be able to add the title at the moment, as it will be released only on DVD for the first little while (but you can still add a five star rating and review!).

The number of people who have Leading Ladies in their queue will greatly affect the number of DVD’s Netflix orders for their initial purchase, so even if you’ve already seen the film or ordered your own copy on DVD, please place Leading Ladies in your queue!

We’ve also got a handy little widget (check it out in action to the right).  The code for you to cut and paste to add the widget to your own blog or web page is here:

<a href="http://movi.es/BW649" title="Leading Ladies on Netflix">Leading Ladies on Netflix</a> <script src="http://jsapi.netflix.com/us/api/w/s/sp100.js" settings="id=http://movi.es/BW649&q=1&h=if"></script>

If you want to let your Facebook friends know, that would be fantastic!  Here’s the event to which you can invite your Facebook friends to let them know all about how to add Leading Ladies to their queue.

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