DVD Release Report for “Leading Ladies”

Wolfe Video has captured the domestic distribution rights to filmmakers Daniel Beahm and Erika Randall Beahm’s high-energy romantic musical comedy, Leading Ladies.

If this independently produced film was instead a studio-driven production, it would have had a major theatrical roll-out.  Instead, the filmmakers took the festival circuit approach beginning in April of last year –at small venues such as the Sonoma International Film Festival (where it captured the Showcase Award in its debut outing) and the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival.

More festivals followed.  More awards.  Then a move to the international circuit, where Leading Ladies was also well-received.  Word spread.  Toes were tapping.  Audiences and critics were singing its praises and now Wolfe Video has a genuine early fall sleeper on its hands.

This early announcement for DVD, coupled with additional film festival exposure (the closing night film at this year’s San Francisco United Film Festival on June 27), gives Wolfe plenty of time to work the streets and build awareness.

In the competitive world of ballroom dancing –think: combat staging grounds for Dancing with the Stars, etc. –there is Sheri Campari (Melanie LaPatin –an actual dancer who handled the choreography and was featured as a dancer in such films as Dance With Me and The Thomas Crown Affair), a stage mom on a mission.  She is a force of nature.

She has two daughters in their early 20’s.  One is Anastasia (Shannon Lea Smith) –known to all as just “Tai –and the other is Antoinette (Laurel Vail –The Echo Game), the “ugly duckling” of the family who answer to Toni.  You can see early on where mom has her priorities, Tasi will be the star and Toni will be her support, even to the point of dressing the role as her partner in the seemingly endless practice sessions (the stand-in lead).

End of story, right?  If you believe that, then you’ve never seen a really good MGM musical from the golden days of such fare.  There will be twists and turns, elaborate dance numbers, wonderful (and original) music, love interests and a certain “leading lady” will shine.  This is a keeper.

Leading Ladies-DVD Release Report-June 3Funny that there was no mention of Benji Schwimmer (season two winner of So You Think You Can Dance) or the fact that Melanie LaPatin is a regular choreographer on the show.  I guess that means the film can stand on it’s own merit!

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