Dec 23 2010

Variety, indieWire, LA Times… Leading Ladies!

Yesterday we announced that Leading Ladies will be playing Palm Springs International Film Festival.  Not only that, but we are being featured as a Gala Event (Wednesday, January 12 at 7pm at the Annenberg Theater in the Palm Springs Art Museum)!  This is a boon for us (beyond just the cool factor of having a Gala Event!), as it usually means special mention when publications announce Palm Springs screenings and activities.

We are very excited to keep the energy and excitement going after a great festival year in 2010.  We hit 23 festivals in a little under 8 months and sold out a lot of those shows!  Not bad for a “little” dance musical about love and family.

We love our fans, and appreciate you guys SO MUCH.  Thanks for telling your friends about the film, and thanks for your enthusiasm for Leading Ladies.  We love it when people take “ownership” of our message of love.  The word is getting out, and the film is getting more and more attention and love –all great steps towards that “Big D,” DISTRIBUTION!

Let Love Lead!!!

The festival will feature gala screenings of Peter Weir’s "The Way Back" and Max Winkler’s "Ceremony" and special presentations of Monte Hellman’s "Road to Nowhere," Ed Gass-Donnelly’s "Small Town Murder Songs," "Loose Cannons," "Leading Ladies" and "The Hedgehog."

193 films from 68 countries including 59 premieres — nine world, 17 North American and 33 U.S.

The festival will also feature two Gala screenings and four Special Presentations this year. Peter’s Weir’s “The Way Back” will screen as an Australian Gala, Max Winkler’s comedy “Ceremony” starring Uma Thurman will serve as the Mid-Festival Gala, while Ferzan Ozpetek’s farce “Loose Cannons” and Daniel Beahm’s musical “Leading Ladies” will each play as Gay!La (His) & (Hers) screenings.

On tap for gala screenings are Peter Weir’s The Way Back, starring Colin Farrell and Ed Harris; Max Winkler’s Ceremony, starring Michael Angarano and Uma Thurman; Ferzan Ozpetek’s Italian farce Loose Cannons; and Daniel Beahm and Erika Randall Beahm’s Leading Ladies.

Dec 20 2010

Leading Ladies Podcast Interview with Nickel City Collective

Here’s a little interview Erika and Daniel did during the Starz Denver Film Festival with a local media group called Nickel City Collective.