Nov 4 2010

Opening Night of the 2010 Starz Denver Film Festival

Well last night was a blast.

Backstage at Mamma Mia: Erika, Shannon, Daniel Shannon is in town touring with Mamma Mia, so she spent the day with Erika on campus at CU Boulder taking class and whatnot.  We were on our way to drop her off at her theater downtown in Denver, when we realized that Mamma Mia and the red carpet event for the festival that night were taking place in the same building!  We entered the Buell Theater through the backstage door and rushed to the dressing rooms so Shannon could “throw on” a dress for the red carpet!  Nothing like getting prepared for the RED CARPET in literally 10 minutes.

Shannon is a CHAMP though, and of course looked gorgeous anyway.

We left the dressing rooms and walked through the “opera cross” into the Ellie Caulkins Opera House lobby and outside to the red carpet.  We were giving the typical “look at the camera and smile” routine when I said, “I suppose we should be actually posing, working the camera.”  Shannon kicked up her leg as Erika and I started mugging for the camera, and it was like a wall of light!  Flashes going off like we were Brad and Angelina! [he-he]

So we walked the red carpet with Shannon for opening night of the festival, which featured Rabbit Hole with Aaron Eckhart and Nicole Kidman.  The film was directed by John Cameron Mitchell (of Hedwig fame) and John and Aaron did a great onstage interview with Denver Post film critic after the screening.   The fun thing was that the next morning, OUR PICTURE was the featured photo for the story in the Denver Post!  Go Leading Ladies!

Leading Ladies rocks the dance floor approaching 2am! The after party in the Seawell Ballroom at the performing arts complex was fun.  Tea(h)m Leading Ladies of course stayed and tore up the dance floor until they shut it down at 2am… on a school night!  Erika got up this morning and drove to Boulder to teach today.  She is a freaking rock star.

(Many thanks to “Alex” who drove us to our car back at the Tivoli Center after the party!)

Tonight we do it all again! (red carpets for Casino Jack starring Kevin Spacey and Morning starring Elliot Gould)

We also found out yesterday that the online tickets for the Saturday screening of Leading Ladies are already sold out!  They hold some tickets back for walk-ups and festival pass holders, but we’re afraid not everyone will be able to see the film Saturday night.  Luckily there’s another screening on Sunday at 4:30p, and hopefully people who can’t get tickets will still come to the after-party upstairs at Pete’s Bank (two blocks west of the theater) following the Saturday screening.

Starz Denver Film Festival
November 6, 2010 at 6:30pm
November 7, 2010 at 4:30pm
Denver Film Center/Colfax (next to the Tattered Cover)