Nov 13 2010

Reeling Film Festival Chicago

1289681076485 What a great crowd in Chicago!  Props to Shannon Lea Smith for having such a vivacious fan base in her home town.  When her name came up in the opening credits, at least a quarter of the audience burst into applause!

It was great having Pete Biagi in the house, and judging by the grin on his face for most of the film, I think he was pleased (shwew!).

We were sorry that we didn’t get to do a Q&A and that the exodus was a bit of danger scramble.  Sorry also to all those whom I didn’t get a chance to say “hi” because I was running around like a madman trying to figure out why we were all standing around in the pitch black.  Still not sure why the theater kept us in the dark till long after the credits had ended.

To those who wanted to purchase t-shirts and didn’t get to because of the fiasco, we should have them listed online very soon!

All in all it was a fantastic time, and we so appreciate our Chicago fans!

Nov 12 2010

Leading Ladies on Denver 9 News (NBC affiliate KUSA)

Nov 10 2010

Deep Dish Review of Leading Ladies

I’ve taken the liberty of reposting this review in its entirety here, as the original blog sports a not-so-safe-for-work type theme with lots of man-ass and adds chock-full-o naked dudes. [tee-hee]

It took me a little while to warm up to Leading Ladies, which tells the story of a larger-than-life stage mother, Sheri Campari, and her two 20-something daughters – Toni, a quiet wallflower, and Tasi, the star of an amateur ballroom dance circuit. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? For the film’s first few scenes, I felt like I was watching an updated version of Mama Rose, Gypsy and June – which isn’t really a criticism coming from someone who loves musicals. However, I was hoping for something a little more original – and then I happily received it as Toni accompanied Tasi’s gay dance partner, the adorably flamboyant Cedric, to a dance club, where the movie’s infectious soundtrack kicked in with some fabulous dance sequences. It was then that I began to fall in love with Leading Ladies – just as Toni met Mona, a young lesbian who took her for a spin on the dance floor. This rather ordinary film suddenly bloomed into a unique girl-meets-girl dancing delight that completely captured my heart.

The performances couldn’t be better. Melanie LaPatin perfectly plays the domineering Sheri who has to deal with dramatic changes in both her daughters’ lives, while Shannon Lea Smith makes an engaging Tasi. Benji Schwimmer, who won first place on TV’s So You Think You Can Dance in 2006, displays his amazing dance prowess as Cedric as well as some scene-stealing comedic skills. And Laurel Vail and Nicole Dionne heat up the screen and the dance floor as Toni and Mona, whose sweet romance will put a smile on your face. They are definitely a couple to root for.
Finally, I must congratulate the husband-and-wife directing team of Daniel Beahm and Erika Randall Beahm on their impressive feature film debut (she also wrote the screenplay with Jennifer Bechtel). And I was thrilled to learn while reading the closing credits that Leading Ladies was filmed on location in Champaign, Illinois, which is only a few miles from my hometown. The last ‘Thank You’ in the credits is to "all the people in the city of Champaign who just kept saying ‘yes’ to everything we asked for." I thank them, too, because with their help, the creators and actors and crew were able to give us such a great movie that I hope everyone will go see.

Show time: 9:30 pm, Thursday, November 11, at the Landmark Theater (2828 N. Clark)
Running time: 102 minutes

Nov 9 2010

THIRD “Leading Ladies” Screening Added to Starz Denver Film Festival

If you hadn’t yet heard, BOTH of our weekend screenings at the 33rd Starz Denver Film Festival sold beyond capacity.  There was not a single empty seat in the house at either show!  Because so many people were turned away, and because there is such a great buzz about the film and so many more people wanting to see it, the festival has added a THIRD screening to the festival on Sunday, November 14, at 7:30pm at the new Denver Film Center on Colfax.

Buy your tickets now, as they are sure to go quickly.  Don’t miss your last chance to see Leading Ladies at the Starz Denver Film Festival! (click the photo below to buy tickets)

Nov 8 2010

Facebook Love from Our Weekend

Some things that new Facebook fans had to say after this weekend:

IMG_1314Timing, cinematography, talent, music and an original fresh story that is simply outstanding. What a gem of a film from our own state. Bravo! Hope another screening is added because of word of mouth praise at Denver’s Film Fest this week – I want friends to see it! –Mary Laffey

All went really well on Friday night. People loved Leading Ladies.  Some guy who sat a few rows in front of Laurel and me was laughing so loud and hard it was almost embarrassing!! –Melanie LaPatin

Great flick! –Mark Hoffman

Walk, run, crawl, bike, hike, fly… however you can get there, if you’re even close to where this is showing you MUST go see it! –John L Bowers

Leading Ladies was excellent. It made me laugh. It made me cry. I would totally see it again. –Heather Byron

Just saw the Denver show tonight. Great job! We particularly loved the grocery store fantasy segment. Very fun and sweet movie! –Christine Meadows

Thank you for a hilarious film that raises good questions & gives some damn good answers for making the world a more passionate and compassionate place ♥ ♥ ♥ –Patrycja Sara

I loved Leading Ladies!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you for making it! –Brooke Gessay

I saw this tonight in Alexandria and just adored it! Thanks for putting a smile on my face and a song in my heart (great music too!). I’m recommending this to all my friends. – Robin Lurie Braverman

Saw Leading Ladies in Northampton. Loved it!!! And meeting Nicole/Mona was unbelievably heart felt!!! She is as sweet as she is in the movie. Great Hugs!! –Vanessa Raubaugh

Nov 7 2010

Leading Ladies at the Starz Denver Film Festival

WOW!  What a crowd.  There was literally not a single empty seat in the house!  The festival organizers said they had not seen anything like it.  No other show has sold out to complete capacity like that!

Unfortunately about 20 people were turned away.

We are sold out for the Sunday showing today as well (4:30pm, Denver Film Center on Colfax next to The Tattered Cover).

We posted lots of photos from the before and after parties on the Facebook page.  Be sure to take a look.  We had a LOT of FUN!!!

1936 White Limo :: Luther and Driver We rode down to the venue from Carol and Steve’s house with our Colorado investors in a 1936 White limo (not just the color but also the make).  There were 120 of these commissioned for the National Parks System in 1936.  The entire roof comes off!

Nov 6 2010

Continuing Denver Press


Video from the Red Carpet:

More pics:

Nov 5 2010

Leading Ladies on PBS

From the Denver PBS program In Focus with Eden Lane.  The first part of the interview is with Starz Denver Film Festival Director Britta Erickson.  The interview with Daniel and Erika starts around 10:32.  Our scope/2:35 footage from the film looks a bit odd as it’s been “squeezed” to conform to the 16:9 aspect ratio, but the interview is fun and we love Eden!

Nov 5 2010

Elliot Gould and More Local Love (Denver)

Thursday night was the first night at the new Denver Film Center on Colfax.  Nice digs, Denver Film Society!  Congratulations.  D&E walked the red carpet again, and we spent the evening hanging out with Theo and Heather, then back to the Film Center for the after party.

We got to chat a bit with Elliot Gould (a major favorite for so many of his roles, but especially a family favorite, The Long Goodbye).

Here’s some more love from the festival opening that popped up on the internet overnight…

“Downtown Denver went Hollywood last night at the grand opening of the 33rd annual Starz Film Festival. Outside the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, the red carpet swarmed with international directors, diamond earrings, and autograph-hunting tweens. Local filmmakers Daniel and Erika Beahm kept things down to earth—Denver-style—sporting temporary tattoos promoting their new film, Leading Ladies.”

Shannon, Daniel and Erika on the Red Carpet oening night

beautiful star!

in the Seawell Ballroom

Nov 4 2010

Leading Ladies on Denver PBS Affiliate KBDI

In Focus with Eden Lane
“33rd Starz Denver Film Festival”

  • Friday, November 5 at 9:30 pm on Channel 12.1
  • Sunday, November 7, 11:00pm on Channel 12.1
  • Wednesday, November 10 at 1:00 am on Channel  12.2

This week, host Eden Lane takes a look at 33rd Starz Denver Film Festival. Eden meets with festival director Britta Erickson to learn about how the festival is created, and what to look forward to.  Eden also introduces a local filmmaking couple as they prepare for the debut of their dance film, LEADING LADIES, which has set out to “kick-ball-change the world, one step at a time.”